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If banks and attorney offices are closed, can my real estate transaction still close?2022-01-31T13:12:05-05:00

With advances in online technology, many parts of a transaction can be paperless and meetings can be held virtually, all online. When it comes to closings, we encourage you to ask your lender and legal team about electronic recordings. The Catskill Country Living Team can always arrange a secure online meeting where all parties can be available from the comfort and security of their own homes or offices. So yes, we can help make closings still happen, even if no one can be together in the same room.

Did mortgage rates go down due to the Federal Funds Rate being dropped?2022-01-31T13:12:05-05:00

The Federal Funds Rate does not set mortgage rates. Mortgage rates typically track the 10-year T-bill but are directly connected to mortgage backed securities. Rates have in fact dropped slightly, but not that much from last Friday.

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